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CG NEWS: Ensuring good facilities to all industries: Sai

RAIPUR: Chhattisgarh State Industrial Development Corporation (CSIDC) Chairman Dr Nand Kumar Sai on Friday said all facilities are being extended to all the industrial organisations.

He was presiding over a meeting with various representatives of industrial organizations in a private hotel in the capital city, Raipur.

Sai discussed bringing the industrial infrastructure to an excellent level to all the industrial organizations, providing a good facility to all the industries and ensuring that they do not face any kind of difficulty in running their industries in the future.

President of Urla Industries Association Ashwin Garg and representatives of various industry associations expressed gratitude to the Chhattisgarh government for liberating the industries from the local tax levied in the industrial area of CSIDC.

More than 200 representatives of the industry participated. Executive Director of CSIDC Anil Srivastava, Joint Secretary of Commerce and Industry Department Alok Trivedi and Sanjay Gajghate of Directorate of Industries were present.

Confederation of Indian Industry, PHD Chamber of Commerce, Urla Industry Association, Plastic Industry Association, Laghu Udyog Bharti, Chhattisgarh Re-Rolling Mill Association, Chhattisgarh Commerce and Trade Industry Organization, Dalit Chamber of Commerce, Small Industries Traders Association representatives were present.

Chamber of Commerce President Amar Parwani was also present.


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